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Medin Medical Innovations GmbH - develops, manufactures and sells nCPAP systems for newborns and premature babies that lie in intensive care units and during transportation.

СРАР (from English Constant Positive Airway Pressure) is an individual medical device for automated long-term auxiliary intranasal ventilation with constant positive pressure. It is made in the form of a compressor with a control unit that delivers a constant air flow (enriched with oxygen) under a certain pressure in the respiratory tract through the respiratory circuit and the hermetic nasal mask. Thus, it does not allow the airways to close and block the flow of the gas mixture.

Constant positive pressure increases the functional residual lung capacity (FOE), decreases airway resistance, improves the extensibility of lung tissue, helps stabilize and synthesize endogenous surfactant.


Non-invasive respiratory support for preterm and newborn babies
With the nCPAP and high-flow modes, medinSINDI offers a reliable and economical solution for basic NIV therapy of small patients.