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ASAHI INTECC CO., LTD. Is the world leader in the production of coronary conductors and devices for overcoming chronic occlusions. The company was founded in 1972, under the name of Asahi Mini Rope Co., Ltd. in Japan, as a manufacturer of ultra-thin steel wire braiding and conductor materials. Since 1988 the company is called ASAHI INTECC CO., LTD.

At this moment, ASAHI INTECC CO., LTD. has production sites in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as a distribution network around the world. Not stopping at the achieved, the company ASAHI INTECC CO., LTD. does not stop the development of new high-quality products and, at the moment, produces: coronary conductors, peripheral conductors, microconductors, microcatheters, guiding catheters and other products.

ZenyteEX Guide Catheter
A unique technology for manufacturing ASAHI conductors with a composite core.
Conductors Treasure Floppy - has an excellent transfer of rotation and other performance,
Micro Stripter Stride 2.2 Fr
Super selective microcatheter to achieve distally located targets.