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Goodman Co., Ltd. - a private Japanese company, established in 1975. Started its activities as an importer and distributor (since 1981) of medical equipment and medical products. However, in 1984 she organized her own production of medical devices for minimally invasive intravascular operations. Goodman Co., Ltd. includes or entered such well-known enterprises as Cosmo Co. Ltd., LightLab Imaging Inc. (later it was sold to St. Jude Medical), Intella Interventional Systems Inc., Avantec Vascular Corp. Currently Goodman Co., Ltd. has production sites in Japan, the United States and Ireland. Goodman Co., Ltd. This is an uncompromising Japanese quality and perfection of technical solutions. All products of the company are authorized for use in Japan and Western Europe. All products of Goodman Co., Ltd. registered and authorized for use in Belarus and Russia.

Assomedica Ltd Co is the exclusive distributor of Goodman Co., Ltd. in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


LAXA balloon catheter for coronary angioplasty.
Lacrosse Powered 2 balloon catheter for coronary angioplasty.
LACROSSE NSE balloon catheter cutting for coronary angioplasty.
Two-valve Y-connector OKAY II has a perfect design, functionality, performance.
dio catheter
Combined aspiration support catheter DIO.
MOGUL microcatheter provides a quick and convenient change of coronary conductors during procedures, since it has a special internal channel shape with an additional coating that reduces the frictional force.
The coronary REBIRTH catheter is 6 Fr or 7 Fr, compatible with the 6 Fr or 7 Fr guide catheter and the 0.014 "coronary conductor.