Female catheter

Female catheter

Catheter (female) is used in urology for single bladder drainage, delivery of medications into the bladder, bladder irrigation.

  • The catheter (female) is made of transparent thermoplastic implantable nontoxic polyvinyl chloride.
  • The thermoplastic material softens due to the temperature of the surrounding tissues.
  • The closed distal end has a rounded shape and provides a painless atraumatic insertion.
  • Two side holes.
  • Non-twisting thermolabile material, resistant to kinks and fractures, does not overlap the lumen.
  • Smooth surface ensures easy insertion.
  • Universal funnel-shaped connector is suitable for any type of urine bag
Additional Information
  • Outer diameter D, CH - 4 to 36, color-coded connector in accordance with international standards.
  • Length L, 100-2000 mm.
  • Tube with/without radiopaque band.
  • Tube material: transparent thermoplastic implantable non-toxic medical grade PVC, phthalate-free, with/without markings.
  • Sterile, intended for single use.
  • Packed in individual sterile packaging.
  • Shelf life (sterility) - 5 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Catheter can be made in other configuration upon customer's request