Today, the Somatics Thymatron® ECT instrument is the world’s most advanced, reliably delivering brief-pulse stimuli of proven superior seizure-inducing efficacy. The Thymatron® instrument is the first modern device to provide an Ultrabrief stimulus. It remains the only one that can deliver the same stimulus across the entire dosage range. 

The main characteristics of the therapeutic signal:

• Rectangular bipolar short pulse.
• The principle of "constant current" is used.
• Ability to adjust the range of doses (charge).
• Ability to adjust the pulse width.
• Ability to adjust the duration of stimulation.
• Ability to adjust the frequency of stimulation.



Control of the device - with the help of a single knob, which sets the output dose (in percent of the maximum possible.) All other parameters are set automatically by the machine according to the factory settings.There is a possibility to influence the other parameters with a special prefix.

There is a base unit - the convector itself, and an additional block for recording two of the three possible parameters (EEG, ECG, EMG), with a two-channel recorder, where besides the curves, a lot of useful additional information is printed (System IV is made in the form of a monoblock). A computer analyzer of the EEG is built in, which automatically examines the quality of the seizure by certain indices and by the end of the seizure gives an "estimate" in numerical form. In System IV, the number of recording channels has been increased to 4, the quality of EEG analysis has been improved (including spectral analysis and the possibility of examining the EEG in the interim period), ECG analysis, comparison of EEG and EMG, as well as the ability to output information to the computer for current visual observation for monitoring the curves, and for later saving all the data on the disk and for more detailed analysis.

All these possibilities make Thymatron System IV the most computerized and advanced convolutor from the models presented of today's market.