Video Endoscopy Systems NET-260

The video endoscopy system of the NET-260 series is a modern technology that allows you to visualize the nasal cavity, ear and throat and display the image on a medical monitor.

Today, no health care institution can not do without modern technology. This equipment is used in polyclinics, hospitals, operating rooms, private medical centers. Used in conjunction with rigid or flexible optics.



The main advantages of NET-260:

  • image quality up to FullHD;
  • halogen and LED light sources;
  • set of adjustments and adjustments for specific needs of the doctor;
  • built-in presets for the ear, throat and nose;
  • high-resolution cameras;
  • the ability to embed the system in an ENT installation;
  • the ability to use the system on a mobile rack with shelves as a separate independent unit;
  • presence of waterproof buttons or touch screen;
  • saving photos and videos to USB