ENT-Workstation NET-600A

ENT-workstation NET-600A is a multifunctional system that combines the latest technology and provides the necessary functions to the otorhinolaryngologist.

Scope of the device - aspiration of blood and body fluids during procedures or operations, as well as treatment and diagnostics in ENT clinics.

The functions available to the ENT system make it possible to classify this type of equipment as an expert class for in-depth ENT diagnostics.

Installation NET-600A is designed on a modular basis, which opens up wide possibilities for configuring options in accordance with the budget and the needs of the specialist. Ergonomic design of the system allows you to organize work "in four hands" - to provide simultaneous free access to the working area of ​​ENT doctor and his assistant. Two suction expand the possibilities when it is necessary to perform complex manipulations and procedures.



Features and benefits of ENT-installation NET-600A:

  • integrated spot light;
  • mobility;
  • two aspirators of secretion;
  • possibility of connection to the central water supply and sewerage system;
  • ergonomic design and compactness;
  • the possibility of additional equipment endoscopic system, microscope and other useful options