ENT-Workstation NET-3000A

ENT-workstation NET-3000A manufactured by MegaMedicalCo., Ltd. (South Korea) is a premium equipment for the treatment and diagnosis of a wide range of ENT diseases.

The model differs in the possibility of individual adjustment of the workplace of the doctor and the assistant in order to increase the convenience in servicing a large flow of patients. The workplace of the doctor and his assistant can be deployed in any direction to organize the correct flow of treatment. NET-3000A is a harmonious symbiosis of electronic capabilities on the basis of a modern PC with professional equipment used to effectively treat the majority of otolaryngological diseases.


The main advantages of ENT -workstation  NET-3000A:

  • transformable working surface;
  • modern design, high usability;
  • consists of the maximum set of professional equipment;
  • sensor waterproof keyboard;
  • a compartment with UV processing for tools and materials is provided;
  • a large work area with free horizontal surfaces for working with paper documentation;
  • installation replaces the medical table and a variety of equipment;
  • it is possible to order chairs for a doctor, patient and assistant;
  • turnable console allows you to adjust the equipment to any conditions;
  • provided a regular mount for the camcorder;
  • the ability to connect to an external PC, monitor, printer and any other equipment;
  • provides the ability to save data on USB storage media;
  • a wide range of additional equipment, including: a microscope, various types of illuminators, a set for washing cavities, an instrument trolley, a printer, a monitor, a video camera, an endoscope (flexible, rigid), a system unit, a negatoscope and much more