ENT-Workstation NET-3000D

ENT-installation NET-3000D - the equipment of a premium class is intended for examination and treatment of patients in the department of otolaryngology or the office of the ENT doctor.

The model differs in the possibility of individual adjustment of the workplace of the doctor and the assistant in order to increase the convenience in servicing a large flow of patients. PC and ENT-installation are used as a unified system.

Thanks to the ergonomic design and high quality of execution this unit is able to become a reliable and trouble-free instrument on a flow-based outpatient reception.



The main advantages of ENT-installation NET-3000D:

  • mobile tool holder, located on the left;an autonomous water supply system, or through a reservoir;
  • hose flushing system;
  • built-in UV sterilizer endoscopes;
  • control by touch screen;
  • can be equipped with a full set of equipment for the most effective diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases